Towards a Free America

Monday, August 30, 2004

Towards a Free America

I believe that the Bush candidacy is nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt at a fascist dicatorship in waiting. As has happened in many countries before this, the rapid milititarization of the economy based on a two invasionary wars which were forced upon us in answer to a false threat; all lead by a small faction of corrupt and malign individuals all linked to large banking, industrial and corporate institutions is a warning sign of impending danger to our Consitution. Further, this cadre's attempt to change, supplant or disregard sections of, or the entire Constitution itself shows that they want to put their own beliefs (mostly ultra relgious, ultra right wing beliefs) forward as the ONLY beliefs to which Americans may adhere. We need to recognize and prevent this threat to our Constitutional Rights, no matter what they are; voting, protesting, freedom of worship, right to gather peacefully and adress grievances with the govt. etc. All our Rights are in danger of being abrogated by a single cadre of old, super-wealthy, white Anglo-Saxon Protestants who no longer have our people's rights and privileges as their first priority. In fact our rights are not in their best interests nor are any human rights, anywhere. This is not a simple case of loyal parties (Democrat and Republican) battling for some sort of fiscal and political superiority in the polls. It is a "hearts and minds" war here at home! We have seen these "compassionate Conservatives, so full of morality and ethics, debase themselves in torture of prisoners, abrogation of our rights and useless, expensive and divisionary wars. They are lying Big Lies. It is absolutely necessary to stop them now and turn this country around on the right course before the ship of state destroys itself upon the rocks of repeated history.

First published at the Actionnow board for same date.


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